Once in a while something comes along that changes everything. Be part of something epic and join Younique. To learn more about becoming a Younique Presenter, contact me.  ~Esther

Choosing the top five reasons to become a Younique Presenter was difficult because there are so many wonderful reasons, but these top five really do lay the foundation for what makes Younique unique!

selling younique products

Why would you start selling Younique?

I can tell you many many reasons to join our company but first of all you need to be motivated and have a "WHY". Think about why you want to do this? Do you just want to have some extra cash every month? Do you want to be more at home and spend time with your family? Do you need extra cash for your children to study, dance lessons, rent, car payment? etc. etc.  If the answer is YES please continue reading.........

  • You can build it part time, any time
  • You can build it anywhere, any country (that we're currently working in and opening in new countries every year! Wowsers!
  • You can launch you very own international cosmetics company for a very little €107.- and in return you get €243.-* business make up kit! And a free ecommerce personalised website!💄
  • You are in business for yourself, but you will never be by yourself 💞
  • Getting paid 3 hours after each sales (Earn while you learn)
  • Earn FREE products & 1/2 price products
  • No monthly costs


As your "sponsor" I will teach you everything you need to know.  I will always be here for you to answer your questions and give you advice. That does not mean I am going to hold your hand and do the work for you. You work for yourself, you run your own business and you need to invest your time & energy.

We also have many special Groups on Facebook with lost of training & information. You will be added to those groups after your registration is complete. So are you coachable and willing to learn? YES? Let's work together!! You can register here ( you will be forwarded to my official Younique website) For registration you need Paypal or a Creditcard. (If you don't have those please contact me) 

 REGISTER HERE and make sure that during the registration process you see my name (Esther Glas)  as your sponsor so I will always be able to help you.

Looking forward to work with you!



Many women today are working hard to “have it all”– a great career with an exciting income and the chance to have quality time with their families or for other personal priorities. Most women (sadly) are struggling to make it work; they’re either trapped in traditional jobs that don’t allow much flexibility ORenjoying full-time motherhood (but missing the regular paycheck and chance to use their talents outside the home).

The one opportunity that seems tailor-made for women is a direct sales or network marketing business with Younique. This business model provides women with a great deal of choice and freedom. You get to decide how much money you make, the hours you work, who you want to work with (and even how you work with them)..

For women wanting to tap into their real potential and make a significant difference for others, this business model is the ticket.